Annually, I embark on mountain adventures, indulging in snowboarding, motorcycling, and hiking. This year, my love for snow-covered peaks led me to Nepal's Sagarmatha region. It's a wonderful, happy, and welcoming yet challenging place.

The Himalayan guides, despite their perfect job amidst responsibilities and extended time away from family, supported me during my three weeks at altitudes some above 5000m. Grateful for their assistance, especially when coping with oxygen depletion. 

Best of luck to Yangdi, a Sherpa in training, attempting to summit Mt. Everest in April 2018, and a salute to the legendary 64-year-old Pemba Dai.
"The greatest prayer is patience," said Buddha, echoing in the mountains. 
Thumbs up to the porters who effortlessly carry tourists' bags, showcasing remarkable strength and speed even at high altitudes. 

Looking forward to revisiting the Himalayan region in the future.
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